Labour donor to run against Jeremy Corbyn in Islington North over right to lead party

Evening Standard, 7th May 2017

Labour donor Michael Foster said he is to run against leader Jeremy Corbyn in his Islington North constituency to give people a “real choice”.

Writing in the Standard today, he said the decision had been made with a “heavy heart” but he wanted to fight Mr Corbyn’s right to lead the party.

The long-standing donor whose family has given £400,000 to Labour since 2010 claimed Mr Corbyn has “no interest” in winning power.

The retired entertainment agent said: “He, John McDonnell, Diane Abbott and Emily Thornberry put their idealised socialist utopia — their grasp on power within Labour — above their duty to Britain and to the Labour Party itself.

“These are despicable acts of selfishness.”

Mr Corbyn has a majority of more than 20,000 and has held the seat since 1983.


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