General Election polls: Jeremy Corbyn dealt blow as half of north London Labour voters say he is 'unelectable'

Evening Standard, 22nd May 2017, by Joe Murphy

Jeremy Corbyn suffered a setback today as a poll of 2015 Labour voters in north London found 51 per cent thought the party “unelectable” with him as leader.

Some 50 per cent disagreed with the direction he was taking the party, and one in four who backed Labour when Ed Miliband was in charge now plans to vote for another party, the survey found. Among those who plan to stick with Labour on June 8, two thirds said they would do so “despite Jeremy Corbyn”.

The findings come from a poll commissioned by Labour-backing critics of Mr Corbyn including Michael Foster, the former entertainment agent who is standing against him in Islington North under the banner “Labour for the Common Good”.

Mr Foster, who has released a new video that explains his manifesto and strategy, said the most striking finding was that a third of 21 to 29-year-olds who backed Labour in 2015 did not intend to do so in 2017. Of these switchers, 80 per cent said Mr Corbyn’s leadership was the problem.

Mr Foster, whose family has donated £400,000 to Labour since 2010, claimed: “This study demolishes the myth that Jeremy Corbyn has huge support among young people. In north London, where he should be strongest, many of them have abandoned Labour because of him.”

A spokesman for Mr Corbyn said: “We are fighting to win this election to form a government that will transform the Britain for the many not the few.”

Morar Consulting questioned 1,000 people who voted Labour in 2015 who live in the 38 north London constituencies. Half agreed Mr Corbyn should “stand down as leader” if Labour fail to win.

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