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We must, more than ever, pull together for the Common Good.

Millions of people are deserting Labour and that is a tragedy.

The Conservatives are not the solution.

I would champion a politics that brings together the middle class and the working class, immigrants and locals, religious and secular to build a proper Labour politics.

We must redeem the Labour Party to a party of Government not as now under Jeremy Corbyn as a party of protest. In Government Labour can make the changes the country needs to end the deprivation under which so many live.

I would champion vocational training and not just university education.

I would campaign to make Arsenal a Living Wage Football club to show that step by step Labour can effect Common Good community goals

I would build local banks and credit unions as an alternative to pay day loaners and Wonga.

I would champion equality so all can participate in our country.

Jeremy Corbyn does not represent labour voters and is pulling us to the margins.

It is time to make a stand for true labour and a politics that represents the Common Good.

Vote Michael Foster on June 8th

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Bringing Improvements and Change to Islington North

Behind the contemporary popular image of Islington as the trendy liberal heart of North London, the north of the borough in fact remains a largely under-resourced area with an array of stubborn social problems which directly affect the poorest constituents in the borough.

According to the Government’s most recent indices of social deprivation (the Government's main measure of various kinds of poverty), Islington is the 13th most deprived local authority area in England, out of over 300 authorities. See file 10 of The English Indices of Deprivation.

London's Poverty Profile a report regularly compiled from the most recent official data for the Trust for London charity, says that Islington has one of the highest child poverty rates in London (38%) and one of its highest rates for out-of-work benefit recipients (12.2%), some of which though can be partly explained by its high proportion of residents with disabilities.

Although Islington's general schools’ performance is quite good, more than 40% of Islington’s 19-year-olds lack a Level 3 qualification (AS and A-level or equivalent) on leaving school. See page 95 of Londons Poverty Profile.

It is also questionable whether housing resources in the constituency of Islington North are being used to the best advantage of the resident population, as the area has high levels of people in temporary accommodation and a severe shortage of affordable homes (page 11 of Londons Poverty Profile)

What these combined statistics show is that some of the very issues Jeremy Corbyn says he most wants to tackle are in his own backyard where he has been the MP for 34 years.

For despite Islington’s ferocious gentrification of the last four decades and despite its many affluent residents, Islington, and specifically Islington North has remained substantially a working-class borough where life has remained difficult for large numbers of people, young and old alike, notwithstanding the efforts of Labour governments, some of which were effective.

If Jeremy Corbyn is serious about wanting another Labour government which could make a real difference to the lives of those he claims he cares about, the first thing he should do is step down as Labour leader.

All of this calls into question not whether Jeremy Corbyn cares, because he clearly does care, but whether he can deliver effective change for the voters in Islington North. ‎Islington is five miles from the seat of government at Westminster, but Jeremy has spent so long antagonising his colleagues there, that few ministers over the years have responded to Islington's need for increased funding and resources.

This has to change and Michael Foster is a man with a reputation for getting things done, whether for businesses, social enterprises, or for local government resourcing.

Michael Foster

Michael Foster

Candidate for Islington North


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Constituency Map

Constituency Map

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